Posted by: cathycrane11 | July 8, 2012

Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

My Thoughts:  First, I must say, that I am so glad this was a holiday week, and I actually could spend some quantity and quality time reading.  This was one of the most amazing books I have read in awhile.
Afterwards has everything that keeps you just turning page after page, and you really don’t want to stop.  I loved the way Ms Lupton gave a voice to mother and daughter, Grace and Jenny, victims of a horrific fire.   Telling their story by means of out of body spirits was a unique way of narrating.   At times, Ms. Lupton actually made me forget that they were communicating as spirits.
The author gave us twists and turns to the point where you just didn’t know if the the fire was accidental or intentional.  There were so many suspects and motives that anyone of the secondary characters could have been responsible.  Without giving away the ending, I had no clue …….
Afterwards is much more than just a mystery (whodunit).  This is about family dynamics, not only for the Covey family, but the White family, Hyman family, and the McBrides The ending just blew me away.  I actually closed my book and said, ” Oh my God, what a beautiful story”.
I want to thank Net Galley for providing this book, allowing me the opportunity to read this beautifully written story,  being able to experience a band-new author, and being able to give my unbiased review.
Yes, this is my first introduction to  Rosamund Lupton’s novels, but I have already put her and her 1st book “Sister“, on the top of my favorites and TBR list.


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